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WEsports Singapore is a family of seasoned and multi-disciplined sports who are dedicated to nurture your interest in sports by improving your performance. 

Training Philosophy - ‘KAIZEN’ 

Training Philosophy - ‘KAIZEN’

‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese philosophy that nothing is perfect – it is about continuous improvement. At WEsports, we adopt the training philosophy to make or do things better. Training is about a specific process improvement developed over a set amount of time. And, all problems should be seen as opportunities to improve things.

Training Philosophy - ‘OUTCOME DRIVEN’

“Without doubt, the most important aspect of training are the outcomes. Knowing exactly what we want allows us to assess how effective our training methodology is. In the end, it is neither what we do nor how much we do that matters. What we have to assess is whether all that we do contributes to achieving the outcomes that we desire”.

Variety of class

Choose from the variety of classes that we have to offer


Classes across Singapore

We cater to multiple locations island wide to make classes accessible to our clients.


healthy lifestyle

Work-life balance is one of the most important aspect to achieve


we help our clients achieve their goals

With the vast knowledge and experience of our professional coaches/instructors we are able to provide you the steps needed to achieving your goals