Our youth program is designed to help children of all skill levels and abilities to discover and develop a love for sports.

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Help your child discover the joy of sports and develop valuable life skills

We welcome children of all backgrounds & abilities to participate in our programs.

Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced athlete, our youth program has something to offer. Our coaches work with each child to help them develop their skills and reach their full potential, while also fostering a sense of community and sportsmanship.

Cognitive Domain


Sports are inherently challenging, especially for young learners. To overcome these challenges, kids are taught, through trial and error, to persevere and be resilient in the face of adversity – to internalize the power of delayed gratification and the value of hard work. Overtime, sports help to instill mental toughness in children.

Cognitive Domain


Sports are dynamic and decisions are needed to be made on the run to achieve collective success. These are perfect opportunities for children to come together to learn and improve their ability to strategize to overcome obstacles. These are seeds that we plant to provide experiential learning of life lessons through sports and, perhaps one day these children would grow up to become pack leaders.

Cognitive Domain


Sports are the ideal replacement for children who are prone to seek enjoyment in their immersive gadgets’ gameplay – when addicted are detrimental. Sports are both physically and mentally challenging, providing children a healthy platform to engage their sense of involvement and joy-seeking. When children are given an alternative that would resonate with their self-achievement and contentment, that’s a sure way to wane them from the unhealthy use of gadgets.

Psychomotor Domain


It’s important that these skills are developed at an early age since most of this learning begins at the tender age of 4. Therefore, early stimulation is crucial. Racquet sports are ideal training platform to train hand-eye coordination.

Psychomotor Domain


A strong core leads not only to good posture in children but more importantly, helps lay a solid foundation to better balance and stability. Children who are underdeveloped in core strength would have difficulty controlling fine motor skills, such as handwriting, and participating in gross motor activities like school sport.

Ultimately, by doing, rather than hearing and seeing, physical activities in sports help develop children’s endurance, flexibility and motor coordination – in turn, improving their speed, agility and strength.

Affective Domain


Sports play a crucial role in improving the mental health of children. Sports participation promote and enable multiple growth in children’s affective efficacies.

Children are inherently active and can lead to stress for both parents and kids. Sports help to manage stress. When we exercise, children and adults alike, our body releases endorphins, the chemicals in our brain that relieve pain and stress. It also reduces the levels of stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. Studies have shown that 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day can make people feel calmer.

When children are wholy immersed in sports activities, they are transformed to a world where they are ‘forced’ to try to be as best as they can be. All their senses, the locomotor system and intellectual capacities are engaged. The bottom line, they will learn how to overcome obstacles and challenges that will come their way. Isn’t that what we all need?

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