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WEsports (Soccer) wants to introduce soccer to the masses and share the joy this beautiful game has to offer by imparting the fundamentals needed to play. You also get to reap the many benefits of engaging in team sports from ones developmental years all the way to adulthood.


We conduct beginner and advance level classes planned with various soccer related games, drills and actual game time for different age groups to cater more specifically to their current developmental stage.


Different strokes for different folks. WEspor training programs are designed for custom-fit and learner-centric.


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under 6

Class Focus

Simple soccer related games and movement drills to keep classes fun and engaging. At the same time, these activities will sharpen their basic motor skills as they transit to the next level of classes with more ease in due time. 

Lesson Focus

Developing hand-eye coordination, movement and balance. Learning the rules and basics of soccer while developing an interest for the game. 

Class duration : 60 minutes

Maximum coach to student ratio 1:6


under 10

Class Focus

Slightly more technical soccer related games and movement drills to garner a better understanding and mastery of the techniques.

These equipped fundamental techniques will be required for them to transit into actual game play as well as make their lessons more enjoyable when they notice the improvements in their proficiency.

Lesson Focus

Developing higher mastery on their basics of dribbling, passing and shooting

Class duration : 90 minutes

Maximum coach to student ratio 1:10

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11 onwards

Class Focus

Technical soccer and movement drills to get our students to be proficient in their basics and pick up new advance techniques. Applying of these skills and techniques into a match setting while also understanding how to play effectively.

Lesson Focus

Polishing up on existing techniques while learning advance techniques and the deeper understanding of the game and its intricacies.

Class duration : 90 minutes

Maximum coach to student ratio 1:10

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Our Kid’s soccer group classes are located in multiple locations across Singapore. Click on the tap below to view the locations and timings of our current classes. As we are expanding our classes to different locations around Singapore, If none of the classes suits your preferred location and timings, drop us a message and we will inform you once we have a class near you! 

wesports kids program

WE SPORTS approach for kids program

WEsports Singapore kids program is carefully curated to help kids develop their interests and skills in sports. A strong program is important as it creates a foundation for their future interest in sports. 

In-house training for coaches

WE SPORTS SINGAPORE coaching course

WEsport’s in-house soccer coaching course is specifically tailored to equip our coaches with the right theory knowledge, soft skills, and practical hands-on training to enable them to be confident and competent coaches 

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