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Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It’s the best all-round exercise keeping your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body. Swimming also helps you maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. tones muscles and builds strength and endurance.

It is also a good skill to have for all the adventure goers out there who wants to pick up things like scuba diving. 

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Different strokes for different folks. WEspor training programs are designed for custom-fit and learner-centric.


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Private swimming lesson

No two people are alike. The same goes for everyone’s swimming abilities and styles. If your child learns at a different pace, our certified swim instructors can modify or customize the lessons to fit their needs. This low-pressure environment means your child will feel supported in learning at a pace they can succeed in.

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Buddy swimming lesson

Buddy swimming lessons promote collaborative learning and drive motivation through peer-to-peer inducement. The Buddy System entails pairing off all swimmers with another swimmer (Buddy) of similar swimming ability. Some children are less outgoing, buddy lessons provide these children a less-stress, low-pressure environment to learn and improve.

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group swimming lesson

Group swimming lessons promote collaborative learning and drive individual improvement through peers’ encouragements. Group lesson increases self-esteem and responsibility as a group and, understanding of diverse perspectives. Ultimately, group lessons is having more fun with buddies in the pool.s

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Trained and certified swimming instructors for special needs learners

We understand that teaching special needs learners requires a different set of skills. 
Our instructors are trained and certified to teach special needs learners with patience and understanding. We believe that special needs learners should be given the same opportunity to learn and pick up new skills just like everyone else.
We can arrange for a paid trial lesson to see if you are comfortable with the arrangements before deciding on future lessons.  


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Gender-Specific Certified Swimming Instructors for Kids and Adults

Some parents and adults prefer female swimming instructors for obvious reasons. Understandably, only female swim coaches can provide the feminine approach, both physically and psychologically, as they understand the nuances of the woman’s body and can relate better to female learners emotionally. Consequently, female learners will become at ease and learn better knowing that they are in a comfortable learning environment. At WESPORTS-SWIMMING, we provide gender-specific Certified Swimming Instructors and personalized swimming programs for both kids and adults alike.

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What is swimsafer?

Swimsafer is a widely recognised water safety program in Singapore. The program is specially created to help children below 16 years of age to develop their swimming skills and become a good swimmer.  This program is recognised by all schools and institutions and all water-related sports such as kayaking and scuba diving.  
There are 6 stages for the program and our coaches are fully equipped to help you to obtain certifications for the 6 stages of Swimsafer.

Frequently asked question

Our coaches are able to travel to wherever is most convenient for you.
If you live in a private apartment/condominium with a swimming pool available, you can book the court(s) and liaise directly with your coach.
If  you do not have a pool, we will find an instructor that has access to the nearest condominium or public pool closest to your location. 

Once you have filled up our contact us form, our team will contact you as soon as possible through WhatsApp or phone call.

You can indicate to us then that you would prefer a female instructor and our team will do the rest!

You would need the following items : 

  1. Goggles
  2. Float Board
  3. Swim Gear

Our swimming instructor will advise you to buy other equipment if needed.

After registration, we will contact you and arrange a suitable coach for the Trial lesson. Coaching fees are to be paid in full via Internet bank transfer, ATM transfer or cheque payment at least 3 day before lesson commences. More information will be given once the lesson is confirmed.
All payment will be made to WEsports Singapore and do not make payment to your coach unless you have been notified. This is to ensure transparency between WEsports Singapore, the coaches and the students.

You may fill in the contact form here or contact us at 91299772. We are more than happy to answer your queries.

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Initially, my girl was not interested in picking up swimming. However, after the first lesson with the coach she wanted more. The coach was really engaging and experience dealing with kids. I would recommend to anyone looking to sign their kids up for swimming lessons.
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Serene Koh

my kids loved it!

Fantastic coach! My kids loved it!
Classes was conducted professionally and a good balance of fun!
The coach was also very accommodating with our timings as we had to change a couple of times.
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Darius Ang


Coach is both friendly and patient, and would not mind spending a little extra time on the tennis court to see his students improve. I would highly recommend Wesports coaches to anyone who wants to pick up the sport.
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Andrea D


The coach is a very experienced, dedicated, and passionate. The lessons are fun and enjoyable. At the same time the coach also pushes you. My technique has improved tremendously under Wesports coaches. You can definitely expect quality lesson from them. For sure the best place to get a coach if you are really considering of improving strokes. ​
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Boris O

our happy students

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Build your strength with fun and confidence!

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