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At WEsports Singapore, we are thrilled to offer exceptional tennis services that cater to players of all ages and skill levels. Our mission is to bring the exciting world of tennis directly to your doorstep, making it convenient and accessible for you to learn and improve your game. With our team of experienced tennis coaches, we’re ready to transform your tennis journey into a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.


Different strokes for different folks. WEspor training programs are designed for custom-fit and learner-centric.

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At WEsports Singapore, we are passionate about bringing the exhilarating sport of tennis to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. We take pride in offering dynamic and engaging group tennis lessons at multiple convenient locations throughout Singapore. Our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive community where individuals can come together, learn, and thrive on the tennis court.
Joining our group tennis lessons provides a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills while fostering camaraderie and friendly competition with fellow players. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals or an intermediate player seeking to enhance your technique, our expert tennis instructors are dedicated to guiding you on your tennis journey.

Public tennis courts available

No Courts

No worries

Our coaches are able to travel across Singapore to your preferred venue at no additional cost.

If you do not have access to any tennis court, the following are some of the public tennis courts that we can book for you.

Hit with professionals

Professional hitting partners

At WEsports Singapore, we provide the best tennis hitting partner experience. Our tennis hitting partners have vast experience in this field. They are mostly formal national players or national champions or have played in ITF tournaments. 

Frequently asked questions

Our coaches are able to travel to wherever is most convenient for you.
If you live in a private apartment/condominium with tennis court available, you can book the court(s) and liaise directly with your coach.
If your lesson is held at public tennis court(s), you or the coach may book the court(s) and the lesson will be carried out accordingly.
Please check out our "View courts" button above for more information on the locations of the different tennis courts available in Singapore.

Public Courts


Please sign up and book with the required information at www.myactivesg.com or www.one.pa.gov.sg and liaise with your coach directly.
Please refer to our public court tab above to find out which website you can book the courts at.


Private Apartment/Condominium

Please approach your management office/guardhouse/website to find out more about how to book the tennis courts.


Before lesson starts

Please liaise directly with your coach. You may cancel / reschedule another lesson and there will be no charge. However, inform your coach at least 1 hour prior to the lesson.

During the lesson

To cover our coaches travel fee and time loss, if it rains between 0 – 30 mins into the lesson, a charge of 50% will be incurred. After 30 mins into the lesson, it will be counted as a full hour. However, our coaches will make up on the loss timings for the particular tennis lesson during the next scheduled class.

After registration, we will contact you and arrange a suitable coach for the Trial lesson. Coaching fees are to be paid in full via Internet bank transfer, ATM transfer or cheque payment at least 3 day before lesson commences. More information will be given once the lesson is confirmed.
All payment will be made to WEsports Singapore and do not make payment to your coach unless you have been notified. This is to ensure transparency between WEsports Singapore, the coaches and the students.

Alternatively, you can book your class through Viberfam app or the Link below.


You can sign your kid/s up for a kid's tennis lesson as early as 3 to 4 years old. If you are unsure, you can always arrange a trial lesson with us, and our coaches will advise accordingly. 

You may fill in the contact form here or contact us at 91299772. We are more than happy to answer your queries.

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Our reviews

Balajee Balarajan
Balajee Balarajan
Kids Tennis Lesson
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Sweaty & Fun
Marc has been coaching my son (5 years old) and myself for last 6 months. While many turned down that my son was too young to learn Tennis now, Marc is the one who encouraged us to give a try.. at this age the success criterion to me is not how well he plays tennis rather it was about inducing his interest for the sport.This is where Marc handled my son very well…my son showed immense interest and he would get ready 30 mins before scheduled time. We also tried other sports like soccer, swimming etc, but his interest to Tennis was way high.. that’s when we realised at this age interest for the game is purely based on the coach they get. A good coach plays a very crucial role n it can be a make or break situation. Marc scored 10/10 on this aspect and helped to create a right atmosphere for my son. Marc showed so much patience and whenever my son got distracted in the court and would work at getting my son back on track. Kudos to Marc!!! Testimonials
Diana Hubinette
Diana Hubinette
Kids Tennis Lesson
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My 8yo has been learning tennis with Joel for about half a year now as a complete novice and now he is able to play the game pretty well! Joel has been very patient and he alters his teaching style to suit the student, which I truly appreciate. He is hugely fun loving and a great friend to my little fella and it shows!! He absolutely looks forward to his twice weekly sessions with him! Thanks Joel!
Cynthia Lim
Cynthia Lim
Cynthia Lim
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We love learning from James! We learnt alot and enjoyed ourselves very much during his lessons. His adaptability and patience is amazing lol as we always throw him alot of “curve balls” like didn’t manage to book courts, need to change dates or timings etc. The reason why we can continue to learn tennis is really because of his strong support! Even my bf who was not interested to learn is now looking forward to the next tennis lesson. Thank u James!
Adult Tennis Session
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Coach Stefan is really one patient guy when it comes to coaching beginners like my friend and I. Due to our tight schedules, he tries his best to accommodate our timings. Not to mention, he also always patiently do recaps on what we learnt in previous lessons to relive our memories and impart new skills to us as much as possible in each every lesson. We still have a long way to go... Of course we are more than happy having Coach Stefan coaching us!

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