professional tennis hitting partner

At WEsports Singapore, we provide the best tennis hitting partner experience. Our tennis hitting partners have vast experience in this field. They are mostly former national players or national champions or have played in ITF tournaments.

For beginners who need a hitting partner to practice their swing, he/she would be able to control the ball towards the right direction and height for you. It is not ideal to have a hitting partner who is at the same level as you as he/she might not be able to control their shots. You would end up spending half the time picking up the balls instead of practicing your desired strokes.

For intermediate or advanced players needing someone to warm you up for a tournament, a hitting partner can help you prepare for certain strategies/tactics you would like to execute in your match.

If you need to prepare for an up-and-coming tournament, we can help you improve on certain aspects of your game by going through some drills with your hitting partner.

You may also be just a recreational tennis player wanting to find a hitting partner to burn some calories! Please feel free to approach us for our services.


It would be $80 for each session. 

You would need the following items : 

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Towel 
  3. Tennis Racquet
  4. Sports Attire
  5. Cap 

No racquet. No problem. 

Just let our admin staff know upon signing up for a session and we will inform the hitting partner to bring a spare racquet for you at no extra cost. 

No. Our hitting partner will provide the balls at no extra cost. 

Before lesson starts

Please liaise directly with your hitting partner. You may cancel/reschedule another session and there will be no charge. However, inform your coach at least 1 hour prior to the lesson.

During the session

To cover our hitting partner travel fee and time loss, if it rains between 0 – 30 mins into the session, a charge of 50% will be incurred. After 30 mins into the session, it will be counted as a full hour. However, our hitting partner will make up on the loss timings for the particular session during the next scheduled hitting session.

After registration, we will contact you and arrange a suitable coach for the Trial lesson. Coaching fees are to be paid in full via Internet bank transfer, ATM transfer or cheque payment at least 3 day before lesson commences. More information will be given once the lesson is confirmed.
All payment will be made to WEsports Singapore and do not make payment to your coach unless you have been notified. This is to ensure transparency between WEsports Singapore, the coaches and the students.

You may fill in the contact form here or contact us at 91299772. We are more than happy to answer your queries.

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