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Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Terms and Conditions are necessary to upheld the sanctity of contract as much as they are to enable to safety of the student. WEsports has the discretion to review these Terms & Conditions when necessary. When visitors leave comments on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form, and also the visitors IP address and browser user agent string to help spam detection.


Booking of facilities

a) Student booking facilities

The student is to ensure that the facilities is/are booked for the correct time-slot when the lesson is conducted at the student’s destinated premise, e.g., Condominium, Country Club.

The student is required to pay for other outstanding charges or fees incurred when the coach is required to enter the student’s destinated premise, e.g., Condominium, Country Club, including but not exclusive such as ‘deposit’, ‘entrance fees’, ‘parking fees’ etc…

The student is encouraged to familiarise with the terms and conditions to engage outside tennis coach to conduct lessons, in the destinated premise, e.g., Condominium, Country Club


b) Coach booking facilities

Booking fees at public facilities are non-refundable. When the student has to cancel the lesson or lessons, the student has to refund the booking fees to the coach.

Postponing Scheduled lesson/s

a) Private lesson/s

Should the student need to postpone the scheduled lesson, the student is required to give a 24-hour notice, prior to the commencement time of the scheduled lesson. The      clause on ‘Coach booking facilities” applies when non-refundable booking fees has been paid by the coach. 

Classes that are scheduled and cancelled after the 24 hours requirement will be charged for the lesson as per normal. 

b) Group lesson/s

If you are a student in a group lesson and wish to postpone the lesson, due to the nature of the group arrangement, there will be no fees refund and, there will be no makeup lesson.

Sports attire for lesson/s

To avoid sport’s injuries, students are advised to dressed in proper sport’s attire during lesson.

the rights to share photographs 

We are entitled to take photographs of students during or in the course of their lesson/s. These photographs will be shared in our company’s Facebook, Instagram page/s and  flyers, and, will be used for our company’s advertisement and Promotion purposes from time to time.

If students or students’ parents will to object to the use of personal photograph/s, it is the duty of the student/s or parent/s to inform the company, prior to engaging our         coaches for lesson/s. Student or parent must write to us via email to state their objection/s. We have the right to use our photographs but we will ‘blank-off’ the face/s of student/s who had objected.

To avoid distractions, parent/s will be allowed to take photographs of their child/ren, during lesson/s, only after they have sought permission from the coach in charged.

events beyond control

Due to events that are beyond control, our scheduled classes will be cancelled. The decision to cancel will be made by the coach on the day. Students will be notified either prior the class or, during the class, when necessitated as the situation unfolds. A makeup class will be arranged on appropriate time. We do not refund paid-up classes that are cancelled due to events beyond control.

Events that are beyond control will include, but not exclusive, are as follow:

a) (For outdoor venues) Thunder, lightnings and/or heavy rain.

b) (For indoor & outdoor venues)

Government’s Covid-19 tighten measures;

Haze Situation, when haze index reached unhealthy level.



acknowledge and acceptance of the risk of injuries and loss of life


There are inherent risks to sports injuries when participating in physical activities including sports training. WEsports will endeavour to enable the safety   of all students under our care during training.


a) Indemnified Matter (i)

Our company (WEsports)will not be liable and will not accept any liability for any type or manner of injury or injuries or loss of life of any student that participate in our training programs.

Upon signing up for WEsports’ lessons, training, events, activities, includes but is not limited to using premises, facilities and equipment, you indemnify WEsports the  organization, its directors, the staffs and the coaches against any and all actions, claims and any and all forms of liabilities arising from your participation or your child/children participation in any and/or all of our training programs.

b) Indemnified Matter (ii)           

Should circumstances require medical assistance, you hereby authorise our representative to activate such medical assistance, and, you consent to be responsible for any and all costs that are incurred for the medical treatment/s.

payment policy

Full payment of coaching fees must be paid three (3) days in advance from the scheduled date of the first lesson. Payment can be made via PayNow, Paylah!, Internet     bank transfer or ATM transfer.

Contract of indemnity pertaining contract with freelance swimming coaches

In regard to instances where freelance coaches are assigned by WEsports to fulfil a swimming coaching contract session, please be cognizant of the following terms and conditions regarding the Contract of Indemnity pertaining to contract with freelance coaches :

1. Freelance swimming coaches are NOT employed by WEsports. WEports is exclusively responsible to arrange only the first swimming coaching contract. session with the assigned freelance coach/trainer. 

2. Payment for the first swimming coaching contract session shall be made to WEsports. 

3. For any and all subsequent swimming coaching session/s, student/trainees have to be individually responsible, and make the individual arrangement, including payment, directly with the freelance coach/trainer. 

4. WEsports is NOT liable/responsible to any misendaevor in regard to any and all subsequent swimming coaching contract session/s between the students/trainees and the freelance coaches/trainers. 

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