Top Strategies for Winning Doubles Matches in Tennis

Doubles matches in tennis require a unique set of skills and strategies compared to singles matches. Working effectively with your partner and developing a solid game plan can help you gain an advantage over your opponents. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top strategies for winning doubles matches in tennis.


  1. Communicate Effectively: Communication is crucial in doubles matches. You and your partner should communicate consistently throughout the match, providing feedback on the opponents’ tendencies and strengths, as well as coordinating strategies for shots and positioning.
  2. Cover the Net: Covering the net is an important strategy in doubles matches. One player should take the net while the other stays back at the baseline. The player at the net should aim to intercept volleys and put pressure on the opponents, while the player at the baseline should focus on covering the open court and hitting powerful groundstrokes.
  3. Focus on Serving and Returning: Serving and returning are critical components of doubles matches. Focus on developing a strong serve and return strategy with your partner. A strong serve can set the tone for the entire match, while a solid return can help you gain the upper hand early on.
  4. Use Angles and Spin: Using angles and spin can be an effective strategy in doubles matches. Aim to hit angled shots to keep the opponents off balance and force errors. Using spin can also help you control the ball and create opportunities for your partner to take advantage of.
  5. Stay Positive: Staying positive and keeping a good attitude is crucial in doubles matches. Encourage your partner and maintain a positive mindset, even when the match isn’t going as planned. This can help you stay focused and motivated throughout the match.


Winning doubles matches in tennis requires a unique set of skills and strategies. By communicating effectively, covering the net, focusing on serving and returning, using angles and spin, and staying positive, you can gain an advantage over your opponents and dominate on the court. Try incorporating these strategies into your practice routine and matches to improve your doubles game and take your tennis to the next level.

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